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 Degerbyn Igor-museo

Welcome to Degerby, and to her tales

Whatever happened when young and fair Ann-Mari Flythström from Degerby learned Karelian? Who built the grand house in masonry along the Kopparnäs road? Why is the Degerby Igor museum situated in central Degerby?

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Ragvalds (Minttu Likkala)

Ragvalds Museum Farm – local history and flora

Situated just 1.5 kilometres from the centre of Kirkkonummi along the old King's Road, the Ragvalds Museum Farm is a great location for exploring the history and flora of the Porkkala region. The history of the Ragvalds peasant farm stretches back to the 1500s. Buildings and farm surroundings have not suffered the upheavals that often accompany modernization. We encourage plants used by earlier cultures in traditional medicine, archeophytes and native species.

Porkkala Travel

A wide range of fascinating cultural experiences can be found in the historical Porkkala region. SE-Action and Porkkala Travel makes exploring them easy.

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Sjundbyn linna

One of the most interesting locations in the Porkkala region is the Sjundby mediaeval manor, and SE-Action organises guided tours of the building for groups. Both the manor's vaulted cellar and the old granary building next to rapids on the Siuntio River are excellent places for adding a slice of history to celebrations and festive occasions.