Only nine days were granted for the actual evacuation of the area. This was a herculean task as almost 10,000 residents and their movable property including the whole harvest of potatoes and corn, and part of the hay had to be moved out.. Furthermore, more than 8,000 domestic animals were evacuated from the Porkkala region.

Many dramatic and exciting events happened during the evacuation and lots of stories of these times are still being told. Among others, the artist Lennart Segerstråle played a very special and important role when the Church of Kirkkonummi was evacuated. The altarpiece of the emptied church was replaced by a huge fusain (charcoal drawing); an esthetic and ethic protest that almost caused a political incident. Nowadays the charcoal drawing hangs again in the Church of Kirkkonummi. Siuntio railway station belonged to the rented land but the village stayed on the Finnish side. The small municipality of Degerby was almost entirely left within the rented region, which was very fatal for its future development.