Many children were born in Porkkala. One of them was Alla Gorshkova, a journalist now living in Käkisalmi. She was born in 1946 in Porkkala, went to kindergarten there and attended three classes at school before the region was returned to Finland in 1956.

She still has vivid memories of the playgrounds in Jorvas with the downhill skiing in winter and swimming in the dam basin in summer. Her mother worked at the hospital while little Alla went to the nearby kindergarten. Alla has kept in touch with her childhood friends. The Porkkala times have been savoured in everybody's minds as a good time and those born and brought up there still think of the region as their native locality.

Who were those who lived in Degerby during the Parenthesis? Many faces appeared on the film found in Brasis 1956. Who was that little girl? You can read more about her on the home pages of the Degerby Igor Museum.