Nothing returned to its former state. The situation in the world rapidly changed in the 1950s. The military centre of gravity of the Baltic shifted to the south, the naval base of Porkkala lost its strategic importance and became an economic burden to the Soviet Union. In 1955 time was politically ripe for the returning of the rented region. There was a breath of mild weather going through the times of the cold war when the Soviet Union mitigated its relationships to the West. The returning of Porkkala was agreed upon in the autumn of 1955 and the handing over happened on January 26, 1956.

The Finnish soldiers took the base into their possession, examined it and cleared the land. The residents of Porkkala were gradually allowed to return to their homes. Nothing, however, returned to its former state. The dwelling culture of the "tenants" had been very different. The buildings had been radically changed; the dwelling quarters had been split into smaller units, the outbuildings had been changed into dwelling quarters and part of the buildings had been totally destroyed. Part of the fields and forests had been used for military exercises. There was a lot of concrete bunkers and other military buildings and the coast fortifications had been blown up.